4 MUST-Stops on Road To Hana

One of the main “attractions” of Maui is “Road to Hana”. Road to Hana is a 64.4 mile long stretch that connects the North of Maui (Kahului) to the Town on Hana which is located East of Maui. So what’s so special about this road? Well, the stops! You will be able to see the most beautiful beaches, waterfalls and greenery, basically a big part of the island in one or two days!

If you want other tips on what to do or where to eat, I wrote another post HERE.

For your Road to Hana adventure, I recommend you to download the app “Shaka” it costs $30 but totally worth it, it’s basically a virtual guide that connects to your GPS and tells you all the amazing stops along the way while giving you fun facts about the island.

We did Road to Hana in two days so we could enjoy each stop to the fullest. The first day, we did the regular Road to Hana and the second day we did the Backwards Road to Hana. 

The guide will tell you where you can stop however, these were my favorite stops! I highly recommend you to go to:

Twin Falls:

This was our first stop of Road to Hana! It was a quick hike, probably 15-20 minutes and you will see a beautiful waterfall at the end. Go for a swim, the water is cold but totally worth it!

Ke’anae Peninsula:

The view was just breathtaking! Stop for a few minutes – or more! Why not? And enjoy the view!

Venus Pool:

This one is a little tricky because it’s actually located inside of a private property. However, the owners opened it to the public (so be mindful of your trash and care for the place!)

You will park either on the side of the road OR there’s also a little store called Hana Treasures Gift Shop that sells shaved ice (where you will have to pay for parking there) then walk a little bit north across the bridge, and you will see like a metal door to your right – I know it’s a little confusing and it feels like you’re trespassing but you’re not! Walk the empty field and then follow the little hike, it’s not an easy hike so careful if you’re going with kids. After that crazy 10min adventure, you will be surprised by this natural pool at the end!

Blacksand Beach:

This is probably one of the most famous beaches in Maui (You will need reservation because of COVID) the beach is beautiful and it has a really cool cave! Please note that this is not a beach to spend the entire day, the sand is more like little rocks, so it’s not comfortable to lay in there. However, the water is beautiful and you can get amazing pictures with the black sand! 

There are dozens of amazing hidden gems along the way! So keep your eyes open and again, download the Shaka app, it makes the ride so much easier and super entertaining!

Tips for Road to Hana:

-Be prepared to drive in the mountains, there are a lot of curves and narrow spaces where only one car fits so it’s best if the one who drives is experienced.

-Bring Snacks for the road!

-Bring comfortable water shoes!

-Plan your return for 4PM because driving after sunset is a little scary and very very dark.

-Let locals pass by, they drive faster and know the mountains really well so if you feel someone is driving really close to you, find where to park to your right and let them pass.

-Honk before passing a bridge, bridges only fit one car and sometimes you can’t see if there’s a car coming the other way.

-Don’t swim under waterfalls just in case the water brings big sediments!

-Be mindful of your trash, always keep a bag in the car for your trash, many of the places along the way on your drive are not easily accesible to clean.