#EndPeriodPoverty with Always

#EndPeriodPoverty with Always

This post is sponsored by Always and all opinions are my own.

Let’s talk periods! Because at the end of the day we wish it wasn’t blood, but something more like fairy dust… Am I right?

I’m currently sitting in front of my computer eating a bowl of Ice Cream because it’s the only thing that makes me feel good when I’m on my period. I literally woke up with the worst cramps and thinking “why do I have to deal with this?!” – But you know what? Today, a girl in the US got her period for the first time and she might or might not have access to feminine products.

Going back to when I first got my period I remember always having pads when I needed them or if anything, I would tell my dad to go get me a new package. I remember I always thought, “I’m so lucky I’m able to get these but, what do girls that can’t purchase pads or tampons do?” Well, 1 in 5 American girls either miss school or leave early because they don’t have access to feminine products, something many of us take for granted. This makes them get behind in school work and even miss important activities such as sports and clubs.

The good news is that you can help! Always has partnered with Feeding America to make sure no girl in the U.S misses school again because she doesn’t have access to feminine products. Every Always purchase you make until September 8 will trigger a donation to a girl in need! I already picked up a 3 month of supply, this means I’m helping 3 girls stay in school!

Let’s admit it, periods are not our favorite time of the month, so why not make it a little better to a girl who just got her period? Donate and spread the word.