4 Cult-Classic Halloween Costumes

4 Cult-Classic Halloween Costumes

I enjoy Halloween, I love seeing people being super creative and creating amazing costumes. However, every year I have a few costume ideas but for some reason I end up doing something very simple at last minute.

This year I finally decided to get inspired by cult classic movies and created these affordable costumes! What I love about them is that the majority of the pieces are from my closet or if I purchased them, I know can wear them again anytime of the year! 

  1. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Ever since I watched this movie for the first time I got hooked! The music, the outfits, the acting! I’ve been wanting to recreate Frank-N-Furter look for so long and finally decided this year was the year. 

2. Wendy Torrance from The Shinning

I remember watching The Shinning and being so confused but amazed at this cinematographic piece. I found this cute overall at Target and the shirt is from the male section at Amazon.

3. Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice

When I was little, my Grandpa used to call me Winona. He said we looked alike and I got used to it! I’m paying homage to my Grandpa and to this amazing movie by recreating Lydia Deetz! Just wear black on black and black, grab a camera, a hat and that’s it! 

4. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another classic! From all the movies mentioned here, this is the one I’ve watched the most because I used to watch it for Halloween and Christmas! Tim Burton already confirmed it’s a Halloween movie – but we can enjoy it during both holidays, don’t you agree? I wore a stripped blazer, and a stripped pant a found hidden in my closet!

Which one was your favorite Halloween costume?

Happy Halloween!